About Us

Fayfay.com is an e-commerce travel platform dedicated to local experiences in Vietnam.

We connect travelers to authentic experiences by local Vietnamese providers spanning from family-friendly experiences in the cities to tours to under-the-radar destinations.

At Fayfay.com, we share our passion for exploring the breathtaking Vietnamese natural landscapes, the friendly Vietnamese local people, and the vibrant Vietnamese culture.


Curious spirits, looking to discover the beauty of Vietnam’s landscapes, people, culture and beyond


"Fay" means "fly" in Cantonese. We connect worldwide travelers to local travel business in Vietnam

Experience Provider

Knowledgeable and Passionate Vietnamese locals ready to promote and share real Vietnamese authentic experiences

Fayfay.com is the strategic partner of Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Promotion Center. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in December 2018 to promote Vietnam tourism, with a special focus on Ho Chi Minh City.

The Co-founders

Kingston Lai

Kingston was an Executive Director of Morgan Stanley Hong Kong prior to founding Fayfay.com and his group of companies. He has built a reputable list of his investment portfolio deriving from his experience as an investment banker for 12 years in South East Asia. A seasoned traveler, his businesses have found a footing in Vietnam, making him a frequent traveler to the country.

Kelvin Wu

Kelvin manages a growing team of seasoned professionals and brings a unique depth and diversity of experience from working across various verticals. He discovered a love of travel at a young age and has been an avid explorer since his school days. With Fayfay.com, he hopes to share enthusiasm and insights with other travelers. Kelvin is also the Executive Director of Asia Bankers Club.